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Tattooing and piercing from The Wizard of Ink in Brighton

At The Wizard of Ink, our dedicated team of tattooists will work with you to decide the best design. Whether you desire a simple colour foot piece or black and white hand piece, a tribal chest piece or something of your own design, we can help.

For piercings too, we are specialists in providing professional services no matter where the piercing is required. With guidance and after care as standard, we are the local experts that many tattoo fans come to time and again.

Across East Sussex, we are the premier tattoo parlour:

  • Traditional artwork
  • Handpoked designs
  • All types of lettering
  • Dot work
  • Bespoke artwork
  • Portraits
  • Tribal designs
  • Hand and foot work
  • Shoulder pieces
  • Chest pieces
  • Back piece
  • Arm pieces
  • Sleeve pieces
  • Leg pieces
  • Colour and black and grey designs
  • Body and face piercings
Check out our tattoo gallery to see what would work for you

We provide exceptional tattoo aftercare too. Our basic advice is:

  • Never pick at your tattoo - leave scabs alone
  • Picking lengthens the healing process and reduces colour vibrancy
  • A tattoo should not be exposed to the sun whilst healing
  • New tattoos should not be soaked in water
  • Ointments should be used sparingly

Our dedicated tattoo team will always advise the best care on an individual need

Registered with the Local Health Authority, maintenance of standards and hygiene are first and foremost to us, in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere we always create.

piercing - Brighton, East Sussex - Fallen Angels Tattoo Studio - woman with pierced naval Tattoo - Brighton, East Sussex - Fallen Angels Tattoo Studio - FootTattoo - Brighton, East Sussex - Fallen Angels Tattoo Studio
To discuss your tattoo design, body piercing or make an appointment, call The Wizard of Ink, on 01273 621 881